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The Symposium at Budapest

During Nov. 14th till Nov. 16 th, 2002 the

German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation

Deutsche Stiftung für Internationale Rechtliche Zusammenarbeit E.V.

was organizing a symposium with the subjekt

"What awaits the accession candidates in the EU?
- Current requirements of legal harmonisation"


Guests from 21 countries were participating.
In 3 working groups the current EU-law was presented; statue and problems of converting into national law were discussed. In this place it is especially the work of working group C, that shall be presented as it matches the topic of this site:

"E-Commerce - problems with concluding contracts and
consumer protection at using electronic media

The initial seminar papers were hold by:

Dr. Christoph Brenn, judge of the regional court of Innsbruck:

E-Commerce - problems with concluding contracts (only in German)


Christoph Brenn

Dr. Franz Schmidbauer, judge of the regional court of Salzburg:

Consumer protection at using electronic media (only in German)

Franz Schmidbauer

The conclusions of the working groups:

  1. Robert Zegadlo, Polen: E-Commerce
  2. Alina Radoi, Rumänien: Consumer protection
  3. Izabela Weresniak, Polen Working group B (only in German)

It was very surprising that most candidates habe already recepted most of the EU-directives and put them into national law. This was to be expected from the candidates coming into the Union in 2004, but even the other countries tend to assimilate European law. Most difficulties are lying in the high costs of the technical equipment and internet access. That's the reason it will take some time, till E-Commerce is really starting and the new law ist needed.

To Chapter E-Commerce (only German)