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The candidate countries - Survey

Estonia Estonia

Area: 45.227 qkm
Population: 1,4 Mill.
Capital: Tallinn


Area: 64.589 qkm
Population: 2,4 Mill.
Capital: Riga

Lithuania Lithuania

Area: 65.300 qkm
Population: 3,7 Mill.
Capital: Vilnius

Poland Poland

Area: 312.685 qkm
Population: 38,6 Mill.
Capital: Warsaw

Czech Republic Czech Republic

Area: 78.866 qkm
Population: 10,3 Mill.
Capital: Prague

Slovakia Slovakia

Area: 49.035 qkm
Population: 5,4 Mill.
Capital: Bratislava

Hungary Hungary

Area: 93.036 qkm
Population: 10,2 Mill.
Capital: Budapest

Slovenia Slovenia

Area: 20.000 qkm
Population: 2 Mill.
Capital: Ljubljana


Area: 316 qkm
Population: 400.000
Capital: Valetta

Cyprus Cyprus

Area: 9.251 qkm
Population: 800.000
Capital: Nicosia

Romania (2007)Romania

Area: 238.391 qkm
Population: 22,4 Mill.
Capital: Bucharest

Bulgaria (2007)Bulgaria

Area: 110.993 qkm
Population: 8,3 Mill.
Capital: Sofia

Turkey (?) Turkey

Fläche: 779.452 qkm
Population: 67,8 Mill.
Capital: Ankara


The first 10 countries have become members on May 1st, 2004, Romania and Bulgaria shall follow in the year 2007; a time for Turkey and Croatia is not known yet (telepolis-article).

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